Review and Analysis of Marketing Materials

Ever found yourself with three versions of a leaflet all with varying designs and different copy but not known which one will be the most effective?

Or have you created some marketing materials but don’t know whether the design is as clear and engaging as it could be and if the copy conveys the benefit to the consumer as well as it could?

Whether you have one version or ten of the copy and design of your marketing materials we will review these and give detailed feedback on how they can be improved to increase response rates and sales, as well as provide an analysis of the merits of each of the versions.

We carry out this service both for one off pieces of communication as well as for whole campaigns to ensure all of the materials work together in the most effective way.

Timings will be depend on how many items there are to be reviewed as well as the number of versions to assess therefore please get in touch for a bespoke estimate and timings for this service by contacting us here.

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