Brand Identity Masterclass

In order to develop effective marketing materials for a company you first need to understand the identity of your company.

What the purpose of the company is, how you will talk to customers, what will set you apart from the competition and how you will ultimately drive sales.

In this training we cover everything from what a brand is to how to develop a strong brand identity for your company.

Using real world examples we bring to life the theory behind creating a brand identity, without any jargon or prior knowledge needed, so that your team then have the knowledge needed to create the right brand identity for your business.

The course will cover:

  • What a brand is
  • The factors that contribute to a brand’s strength and the value it adds
  • How to identify what your brand identity should be
  • Why your staff should care
  • The effect a strong brand will have on your business

Who the course is suitable for:

  • As with all our courses no prior knowledge of marketing is needed for this course although only those who will be working on the development of the brand identity or marketing materials as well as senior management should attend.


  • 2 1/2 Hours


  • Training is carried out in-house in the UK, America and Australia.


  • £2997 GBP / $4497 USD/ $5997 AUD (inc. VAT)

(If follow up consultations are desired to assess the work your team develops following the training these services will be charged at a reduced rate.)


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