Brand Identity Roll Out Masterclasses

Already got a brand identity but need to communicate it to the rest of the company and get them excited about it? We’ll translate your brand identity into an easy to understand presentation for those with no marketing background and conduct seminars for each department in the company to ensure they know the affect the brand identity has on their particular role and how they should communicate this to customers.

A brand identity means nothing if the whole company isn’t living and breathing it in everything they do as without this your customers will never fully understand what the company stands for and what makes it different.

The course will cover:

  • What a brand is
  • Why those who aren’t in your marketing department should care about the brand identity
  • The practical implications of the brand identity for each department

Who the course is suitable for:

  • All departments should attend this training however to ensure there is time for questions and to really get under the skin of the brand identity we would recommend splitting the training up by department and/or groups of a maximum of 20 people per session.


  • Dependent on size of organisation and number of departments. Each session will be between 1-2 hours.


  • Training is carried out in-house both in the UK and Australia.


  • Please contact us here for a bespoke estimate based on the number of training sessions that will be required and their locations.

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