Marketing Materials Development Masterclasses

Developing effective marketing materials requires two key things from your team who are managing the process; clear briefs and an ability to assess the resulting design and copy once received.

Clear briefs, which have accurately identified the key messaging to be communicated, are essential since without this the work that comes back will not be as you would like it to be or as effective as it can be.

As they say in the field of computer science; garbage in, garbage out.

Being able to assess the work received as a result of those briefs is also essential in order to ensure designs are in keeping with the brand identity and that the key messages of the materials have been communicated in an eye-catching and clear way.

In this training your team will learn how to write briefs, identity the key message for the consumer and the reasons they should believe that message as well as how to objectively assess design of the materials.

The course will cover:

  • How to write briefs for designers and developers to ensure work is as desired
  • Creating a messaging hierachy
  • Methods for assessing design and layout of marketing materials

Who the course is suitable for:

  • As with all our courses no prior knowledge of marketing is needed for this course however due to the content covered we would recommend only those who will be working closely on the development of marketing materials to attend.


  • 1/2 Day


  • Training is carried out in-house in the UK, America and Australia.


  • £4997 GBP / $6997 USD / $9997 AUD (inc. VAT)

(If follow up consultations are desired to assess the work your team develops following the training these services will be charged at a reduced rate.)

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