Advertising Masterclasses

In-house training for advertising agencies on how to build great/client agency relationships.

Ensure your account management department has the tools and training it needs to stop conflicts arising with clients and build the relationships needed to retain long term business.

Specifically designed for advertising agencies, and conducted by an ex-client, this training gives a true insiders guide as to the behaviours account manangement can adopt and avoid to stop client/agency relationships from breaking down and how to then take those relationships from good to great.

The training is practical and easy to implement with the realities of day-to-day agency life factored into all elements.

Even agencies producing great creative work for their clients get fired due to a break down in the relationship between client and agency.

Ensure this doesn’t happen to your agency by providing your account management department with the knowledge and behaviours needed to build excellent client relationships that will stand the test of time.

The course will cover:

  • What simple actions your team can take today to generate great relationships with your clients.
  • How to gain a deeper understanding of the pressures your clients face and a real appreciation of the negative knock on effects not knowing these can have on the client/agency relationship.
  • Practical day-to-day advice on how to master positive relationship building behaviours and avoid the situations which can cause those relationships to break down.
  • The strong re-occurring themes that cause client relationships to fall apart and how you can avoid them by applying;
    • The 9 essential behaviours to prevent damage to the client/agency relationship.
    • The 5 essential behaviours to take your client/agency relationships from good to great.

Who the course is suitable for:

  • Specifically aimed at account management the course is ideal for anyone from account executive through to account director level.

(If there is a specific desire to include other departments in the training please let us know in your enquiry form and we will consider the request.)


  • 1/2 Day


  • Training is carried out in-house in agencies in the UK, America and Australia.


  • Cost:
    • £4997 GBP / $6997 USD / $9997 AUD (inc. VAT) for up to 30 participants.

(For groups of more than 30 participants an additional charge of £50 GBP/$70 USD/$100 AUD per head is applicable or each participant thereafter.)



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